Courts Issue Orders Requiring Video for Zoom Mediation

Henry Mediation offers Zoom mediation through™ for lawyers and clients seeking to conduct mediation by remote means. A recent survey of mediators conducted by the NADN found that the overwhelming majority of mediators are using Zoom or remote means approximately 75% of the time. Those who predicted in-person mediation would return to pre-pandemic levels […]

A Mediator’s Message to Defense Counsel Planning for Zoom Mediation

Online Meeting with Client

Lawyers who regularly represent defendants know that clients or carriers are using settlement rates and aggregate legal spend, not trial results, as the metric for selecting counsel. With trial occurring in approximately 1% of filed cases, excellence in mediation advocacy plays an important role in client retention. Here are some suggestions for strengthening client relationships through effective mediation advocacy. Clients […]

Guess Who’s Coming to Mediation? The Problem of Unwanted Attendees in Mediation

The rules governing attendance at mediation are not widely known, and there are some commonly held misunderstandings that require debunking. There are few things more disruptive than disputes over participation and authority. In the worst-case scenario, the parties have not communicated in advance, and an unwanted someone unexpectedly appears at the start of mediation to […]

Your Early Holiday Stocking Stuffer: The Silver Dollars I Picked Off Your Floor

I want to offer you a valuable stocking stuffer for next year. For most lawyers billing hourly, the smallest profit generator is the billable unit recorded as one-tenth of an hour – the “point-one.” When you engage in any large task, there is a small amount of lead-up time, and a transition-away time from that […]

Negotiating in the Crosswind of Settlement Desire

The desire to settle during mediation can be mutual, essentially balanced and shared, or highly unbalanced or asymmetric. As a mediator, I want to find out which side more strongly feels the need to settle. I seek to press upon the side least desirous of settling. I try to move a party or their lawyer […]

Mediation is the Food Truck of Dispute Resolution

Research in a variety of jurisdictions reveals that approximately one percent of filed civil cases reach trial, maybe less in some states.[1] Commentators note several likely causes: Loose discovery rules, stricter pleading, heightened summary judgment standards, and motion practice have reduced the “triable” issues. But, of course, the time and expense needed to try a […]

The 30/30 Piece on Mediation Advocacy

When I was a young associate and handling mediations on my own, I really didn’t get it. I mediated too late in the life of the case. I had no relationship with opposing counsel. Mediation advocacy is a lot like sex – for most people you sort of figure it out as you go along. […]